Lawn care, hydroseeding, and more in Fairbanks

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We can help homeowners create a beautiful lawn fast, even if your yard looks like a mud puddle. We use hydroseeding techniques to get swift results for contractors and homeowners longing for a lush green lawn without the weeds.
Watering lawn after hydroseeding in Fairbanks, Alaska

What is this hydroseeding you speak of?

We mix grass seed with water and cellulose fiber before we spray a layer onto your topsoil. This mixture helps the seeds germinate, and it creates an even layer of grass that has deep roots. We can do this for you in spring, summer, or fall, but you need to be there to keep your lawn wet at all times for the first six to eight weeks. You'll see results within three weeks.

Hydroseed advantages

When you use hydroseed rather than the traditional straw mulch, you'll find that you have no weeds in your lawn. This technique produces quick results and even growth - and there is no weed in the seed, reducing the elbow grease that goes into maintaining a beautiful lawn.

We take sprinklers underground

Let us assist you by creating an irrigation system that will work. We specialize in underground systems, saving you water and ensuring that watering occurs exactly where needed. Properly installed sprinklers keep your lawn and garden looking outstanding all summer long.
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